Sunday, August 29, 2004

Less than 3 weeks to go! I picked up our tickets and all of our paperwork on Friday. This is really going to happen! Made it even more official to see it in writing.

HH's from letterboxers across the country are starting to come to the house almost every day. We will be traveling with a sackful - thanks to the participation of many of letterboxing's finest.

Friday, August 13, 2004

We leave 5 weeks from today! The troups are getting antsy! Food shopping lists, what do we bring from home, who makes the morning coffee?

Seriously, this is one special group. From Kim, who has designed our team stamp for Dartmoor letterboxes to Judy, who has kept us on task by devising menus and shopping lists for breakfast, to Butterfly, who promises to be the first one up and get the morning coffee going! Everyone has been wonderful with offering to help and do whatever is needed. Plus - looks like there will be a bunch of surprises that some of the travelers are bring on the trip.

Don't count me out! I have a few major surprises for the trip but you'll all have to wait to hear about those - don't want it getting back to our trip attendees [as if they don't read this page!]

I sent an email to Jane at Langstone Manor to confirm all of the small details of our stay in Dartmoor in the 2 cottages. Everything has been confirmed and paid for as of today. Chris and Louise Donovan will be joining us for a few days when they will take us to Cranmere Pool and interview the troups for Louise's disertation. Rest that ankle, Lou!!

I have located a special website designed for commentary and photos for trips like ours. I am keeping a daily log which will fit in the format of this website. It links commentary with photos from day 1 of the trip. Look for that once we get home and settled.